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Wool washing

Wool washing
Wool washing

If you use an inappropriate cleaning agent, you can ruin your favorite clothes. Wool, knitted clothes, fur, fabrics, blankets and underwear can be washed with a wool wash. The product is skin-friendly and very gentle, using a washed dress to keep its color, size, brilliance, fresh, and fragrant. With a single wrong cleaning, you can ruin your favorite clothes by using a traditional detergent.

Wollsan contains Aloe Vera extract, a wool cleaner. Clean and nurture wool, natural hair, knitted goods, fine textiles, bed linen.


Add 40-50 ml of Wollsan to 10 liters of 30 degrees water and mix until dissolved. Can also be used in bulk. Pour a drop of wolls onto the stain, let it work for 10-20 minutes, then rinse several times at 30 degrees.


 - Always wash the wool thoroughly before washing.

 - Do not put any alkaline agent, soda in the wash water.

 - Wash in warm water (25-35 degrees) by adding Wollsan detergent.

 - The products should not be rubbed, unscrewed, spun, just pressed!

 - Don't leave them in water for a long time, because they will collapse!

 - After rinsing in cold water, the clothes are gently pressed out!

 - Hang up in a damp condition and let them dry in a shady, airy place, preferably outdoors. (Do not dry near a heater or stove!)

 - Iron on the back of the wool with a soft iron! Do not iron the knitted wool!

 - And if that particular favorite woolen sweater accidentally collapsed, soak it in lukewarm water to add a little detergent." Thus, the fibers will be flexible, allowing the garment to return to its original size.

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