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Keep the air clean of allergens, bacteria, mold spores, pet hair, and air pollution.Properties:• Removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles•3 modes: high / medium / low• Dehumidification functions• Water tank capacity: 1000 ml• Working capacity: 750 ml / day• Automatic shut-o..
44,900Ft 49,900Ft
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
SOGO is perfect for keeping the average household clean. Thanks to the 2 in 1 version, we can work separately with the handle vacuum cleaner and the hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is great e.g. also for cleaning furniture!Properties:Cyclonic system (without bag)Vertical and hand vacuum cle..
44,900Ft 49,900Ft
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
High quality Arnica hand mixer with 1200 W capacity. Usable:  - creams, sauces preparation - the fruits, vegetables, and meat processing Attributes: - capacity: 1200 W - stainless steel blades - turbo function - 1,3 l mix - 600 ml measuring cup ..
15,900Ft 21,900Ft
Ex Tax:12,520Ft
The Tesla Vakuum Cleaner can deliver extremely high cleaning performance. Thanks to its 3 l tank, you can collect a lot of dirt and dust, you can easily empty your tank. One of the quietest devices on the market, thanks to Cylon-Max technology. Can be used on carpet, tiles, parquet, l..
54,900Ft 61,900Ft
Ex Tax:43,228Ft
Conga robotic vacuum cleaner Conga robotic vacuum cleaner
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An intelligent home cleaning machine suitable for all types of floors.Features:  - 4-in-1 professional robot vacuum cleaner - innovating smart navigation system iTech Easy - easy and comfortable cleaning - auto mode which cleans your whole house - high su..
54,900Ft 59,900Ft
Ex Tax:43,228Ft
Healthy cooking: uses up to - 80% less fat than a traditional fryer while preserving the taste of the food!Adjustable temperature control: 80 ° to 200 ° C.It allows you to set the best cooking temperature for food in advance, as it has 6 cooking functions.Built-in timer for preset cooking ti..
33,900Ft 36,900Ft
Ex Tax:26,693Ft
Healthy, varied meals with the help of the electric oven!No oil is needed, meals can be prepared in 3 bowls at a time•Temperature control 65-200ºC• Overheat protection• Timer for 60 minutes• 10 L capacity• Fan speed control• Glass window• Interior lighting• Touch screen with ..
52,900Ft 55,900Ft
Ex Tax:41,654Ft
Sogo hand steamer-faster and more convenient ironing! You can remove wrinkles from almost any material or garment!Properties: Removable water tank / steam brush 360º rotationContinuous steam emission (g / min) 15-25Steam reinforcement (g / h): 0.35-1.00Vapor aerosol (g / h): 0.30-1.00LED la..
17,900Ft 21,900Ft
Ex Tax:14,094Ft
The Hydrosana cleaning and detoxifying system can flow 0.1 billion negative ions per minute in water. These negative ions can be absorbed directly into the body through the skin layer of the foot. Negatively charged ions can transport electrons to oxidized cells and deoxidize them. This can prevent ..
19,900Ft 26,900Ft
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
Properties:Interchangeable headsCan be used: nose, ears, mustache, eyebrows, temple and beardStainless steel bladesCleaning brushAluminum bodyWashable heads for hygienic cleaningBattery operated: 1 x AA..
4,490Ft 5,900Ft
Ex Tax:3,535Ft
The intelligent neck massager, which has a flexible ring design for human cervical physiology, can form a complex energy field that can reach directly to the deep tissues and bone marrow, either through multi-channel synchronous massage, low-frequency pulse, magnetic action, thermal moxibustion, rin..
14,900Ft 26,900Ft
Ex Tax:11,732Ft
With its 350W power, the table mixer easily solves the preparation of various fruit drinks, smoothies, protein fitness drinks, athlete's formula, milk cocktails, but also alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.It also allows you to grind ice for iced coffee.The bottle is also a mixing vessel...
11,990Ft 14,990Ft
Ex Tax:9,441Ft
It's a practical and versatile blender that lets you quickly and efficiently produce the finest sauces, smoothies, purees, healthy and natural juices, etc. It is very easy to use, because you just have to press the top.Properties: - Made of ABS, PP and stainless steel - modern and function..
15,900Ft 19,900Ft
Ex Tax:12,520Ft
The Princess crushed ice making machine is modern in appearance and silver, so it looks great in any kitchen. Ideal for making drinks or cocktails, but also suitable for keeping fish, fruits or desserts cold.Ideal for ice hockey, cocktails, etc., or even foods that need crushed ice.Features: - ..
13,900Ft 17,900Ft
Ex Tax:10,945Ft
Fast and safe cooking - with minimal energy consumption.Properties:Large cooking area: 35 x 28 cmTouch-sensitive digital control panel with timerThe LED display shows the selected function, temperature and timeCeramic plate with high heat resistance and even heat distribution..
22,900Ft 26,900Ft
Ex Tax:18,031Ft
This is a compact handheld vacuum cleaner, witch delivers 600 W power. Features: - 2 in 1: hand and crumb vacuum cleaner in one device - easy to use, clean and charge - maximum flexibility - stabile standing function  - 600 W power - HEPA f..
18,900Ft 24,900Ft
Ex Tax:14,882Ft
Features:-multifunction steam vacuum cleaner perfectly cleand and degreases any surface at to 100° C.-the steam can clean household almost effortlessly and without the use of chemicals-it works effi ciently, ecologicall and gently-part of the product is a professional iron for comfortable ironi..
54,900Ft 64,900Ft
Ex Tax:43,228Ft
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