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Széchenyi 2020
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Certificates / tenders


Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Project title: Human resources development with trainings at WPB-TEX Ltd.

Amount of contracted subsidy: 5,1 million HUF

Rate of support: 100%

Project end date: 31/12/2019 

Project identification number: GINOP-6.1.6-17-2018-00550

Project description: The training is designed to provide participants with spreadsheet and communication improve their competences and their chances of succeeding in the labor market. 


Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Project title: Increasing the competitiveness of WPB-TEX Ltd. through adaptive technological innovation 

Amount of contracted subsidy: 7.900.000 HUF

Rate of support: 50%

Project actual end date: 22/05/2019 

Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02813

Project description: The WPB-TEX Ltd. will new, innovative products preparation, production and sales activities going. As a result, new markets will open up, which is expanding its activities, increasing market share, profitability. 

·       Project end date: 10/07/2019

·       Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02813


Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Amount of contracted subsidy: 7 739 200 HUF

Project title: Complex infocommunication development at WPB-TEX Ltd.

Rate of support: 40 %

Project description: In the course of development we would like to introduce a hybrid integrated enterprise management system in our company, from which the increase of the efficiency of resources and we look forward to modernizing our business processes. That is why we have chosen the target areas that meet these expectations and best support our work. We would like to acquire iWise Enterprise Management System, which we intend to implement with the help of the Service Provider. The first step in this is the needs assessment, which, once completed, begins the customization. Along with the customization (programming) process, you can convert existing data (partners, products, etc.) that can be imported into the program. After that, the software is already parameterized according to individual requirements and the data is imported. Authorization groups are created. The staff undergoes training to learn basic and operational functions. We then designate a key user in the area to keep in touch (for comments or additional needs during testing) to ensure that the appropriate level is maintained and maintained throughout the project.

Planned project completion date: 31/12/2020

Project end date: 22/01/2020

Project identification number: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2018-01481



Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Project titleWPB-Tex Ltd. capacity expansion investment

Amount of contracted subsidy: 30,68 million HUF

Rate of support: 29,99 %

Project description WPB-TEX Ltd. Will grant a grant of EUR 6 million in grant funding under the "EU CAPACITY EXPENDITURE INVESTMENT FOR GINOP-1.2.3-8.3.4-16 MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE" . The total cost of the project was HUF 102.26 million, of which machinery, hall construction and IT development were realized. The investment was carried out at the WPB-TEX Ltd. premises at 8468 Kolontár, Kossuth L. street 36. The company profile and activity is the manufacture of Ready-made textile, which is accompanied by technological development. Within the framework of the investment, several textile machinery was purchased, a new production hall was built and a corporate management system was installed.

Project end date: 19/11/2019

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00004



Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Project titleDevelopment of WPB-TEX Ltd. to adapt to modern business and production challenges

Amount of contracted subsidy: 17 302 656 HUF

Rate of support: 70 %

Project description: The equipment to be purchased by the company will increase its productivity and enable it to open up to new markets.  Furthermore, the aim of the project is to remain stable in the market. 

The project has a planned completion date of 26.05.2021.

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-01662



Name of the beneficiary: WPB-TEX Ltd.

Project titleProduction and technological development at WPB-TEX Ltd. challenges

Amount of contracted subsidy: 105 000 000 HUF

Rate of support: 70 %

The funding is part of the EU response to pandemic COVID-19. 

Project description:  As part of production and technological development, new assets are acquired and real estate is expanded

The project has a completion date of 31.03.2021.

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.14-20-2021-00149