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Squalene 1000 mg x 100 capsules

Squalene 1000 mg x 100 capsules
Squalene 1000 mg x 100 capsules

Squalene 1000 mg x 100 capsules

Pure New Zealand Squalene is ideal for daily consumption to naturally support beautiful skin, eye health and overall well-being.

Squalene is a unique oil, high in vitamins A and D, which are found in high concentrations in shark liver. Squalene is also widely found in nature, with sources including olive, palm oil and wheat germ oil. However, the highest concentration of squalene comes from deep-sea fish liver oil.


Take 1 to 3 capsules daily for cardiovascular and general health or as recommended by a healthcare professional.


99,9% squalene and 0,1% natural vitamin E. No artificial flavourings, preservatives, sugar, salt, corn, yeast, gluten, lactose added.

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Place of origin: New Zealand

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