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Silver magetic kidney warmer

Silver magetic kidney warmer
Silver magetic kidney warmer

The Silver magnetic waist warmer can provide even, dry warmth to the protected part of the body. You can protect your waist and kidneys from catching a cold. You can relieve low back pain.

It can also be used for relieving pain, colds, menstrual cramps and kidney problems.

You can regulate your heat balance and keep your body warm. It can also be worn under clothes and easily fastened with rubber straps.

With the waist warmer we can not only protect our waist and kidneys, but also use it on our lower abdomen, shoulders and other parts of our body.

Thanks to the silver content of the material, it can help kill fungi and bacteria that can cause the unpleasant odor of sweat produced during sweating. It can help heal wounds that appear, prevent them from becoming overinfected.

Thanks to their good thermal conductivity, blood circulation can start. Thanks to the silver fibers, the swelling of the legs can be reduced with the improvement of the circulation, due to these effects it can be of great help to heart and diabetics and sedentary workers.

Silver-plated fiber can reflect heat, have good electrical and thermal conductivity, thereby preventing static charge, keeping the body warm, providing a more ideal environment for our joints and greatly increasing the feeling of comfort.

- Antibacterial: Can kill bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors

- Antistatic: May be highly capable of reducing electrical charge.

- Natural: Safe to use, no chemicals.

- Odor neutralizing: Can provide maximum protection against unpleasant odors. It can neutralize ammonia and denatured proteins, which can be the two main causes of unpleasant odors.

- Intensive thermal conductivity: You can keep your feet fresh in the summer heat and heat them effectively during the cold seasons by removing the steam.

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