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Paper straw, white, 8 mm (50 pcs.)

Paper straw, white, 8 mm (50 pcs.)
Paper straw, white, 8 mm (50 pcs.)

The decomposing paper straw is the perfect choice for a variety of hot and cold beverages, keeping its strength for up to 12 hours. It has the advantage over other environmentally friendly solutions that it decomposes in 30-60 days without any heat effect.

And why choose paper straws?


 - environmentally friendly

 - made from recycled paper

 - decomposes without polluting the environment

 - capable of biodegradation (30-60 days)

 - made with vegetable glue

 - they are as good as conventional straws, but they only pollute the environment

We use only recycled paper in our production, and we use vegetable glues. The paper itself arrives in large rolls at the company's headquarters in Kolontár, where it passes through a special adhesive to the twisting stem.

The machine wraps the adhesive paper over this nearly 2.5-foot stem, and then dries and cuts to size. The ready-made straws are collected in a bin, followed by packaging.

Color: white

Package contents: 50 pcs. paper straw

Important informations:

Place of origin: own product

Delivery time: 1-3 days (if the ordered product is not in stock, our colleagues will call/text you and tell you the delivery time).

If you have any problems with the product, please contact us via e-mail at the following:

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