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MagMobil Vibration-M mattress

MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress
MagMobil Vibration-M mattress

A massage mat and a magnetotherapy device in one. 

The mat combines the effects of massage, heating and magnetotherapy. 

It has two control units, so you can use both at the same time.  

A 30x50 cm leather cushion adds to the comfort of the mattress. The leather bag allows easy carrying. 

Product size: approx. 175x60 cm 

The coils built into the mattress provide the following effects: 

 - anti-inflammation

 - muscle relaxation

 - sports medicine

-  pain relief

 - alleviating the symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders

 - strengthening the immune system

 - circulatory improvement

 - normalisation of hormone balance 

 - speed up metabolism

 - treating nervous system symptoms

 - increasing oxygenation

 - organ vitalisation


 - adjustable time interval

 - treatment duration display (1-99)

 - intensity level display (1-20)

 - status feedback 

 - pulsating function

 - speed indicator

 - 1 mattress applicator (whole body) 

 - 1 control unit in robust case

 - mains operation

 - easy to transport

 - portable

Massage mat 


 - Remote control

 - Control remote controlled Remote control allows up to 4 body parts to be massaged simultaneously (back, waist, thighs, calves)

 - 10 vibrating motors

 - 3 intensity settings

 - Adjustable vibration massage for the whole body

 - Warming function for muscle relaxation

 - The motors can be varied separately for each body zone

 - Programmable massage time (30, 25, 20, 15 minutes)

 - 18 air cushion massage system over the entire surface of the mattress

 - Spine and muscle stretching, muscle relaxation

 - 5 automatic massage programs

 - Partial massage concentrating on the shoulders and neck or the waist and back

 - Inflatable and lowerable waist support


- practical, easy to carry

- Easy to carry, lightweight and easy to use 

- 230 V/50 Hz

- power: 15,6 W

Important! Not recommended for pregnant women or women with a heart rate regulator!

Important! The product may be manufactured in other colour formulations, but this does not affect its quality or effect. 

Important informations:

Place of origin: own product
We provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement warranty from the date of purchase for this product. 
If you are dissatisfied and the item were purchased within 15 days, we will issue you the full refund. 
If your ordered product fails, contact us with confidence, because we have a full-service background. 
Delivery time: 5-10 days (if the ordered product is not in stock, our colleagues will call/text you and tell you the delivery time).
If you have any problems with the product, please contact us via e-mail at the following: 

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