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Mag Laundry

Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry
Mag Laundry

What is Mag Laundry?

Nowadays, we use various chemicals, such as detergents and fabric softeners, to clean our homes and clothes, which contain a number of toxic substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.

To help alleviate this problem, Mag Laundry, a washing machine tool that, thanks to its ozone generating system and UVC lamp, allows 100% natural cleaning of clothes, has been created.

In addition, its dual system allows the production of ozonated water for household cleaning and use.

As well as saving detergents, this saves money and energy and contributes to a more sustainable environment.


This device works with ozone and UVC quartz lamps.

The process that creates this device is twofold.

Water enters the Mag Laundry through two circuits passing simultaneously. One ozonates the water through a generator and the other, without ozone, performs an antibacterial effect using a UVC quartz lamp.

In this way, our washing machine produces a completely bacteria-free and oxygen-rich water, which allows us to disinfect and antibacterially treat clothes.

3 programmes

Delicate programme: using UVC lamp and low ozone levels.

Intensive programme: ozone and UVC lamp work in the same way.

Domestic: ozonated water extraction for cleaning floors and surfaces or any other household use.

Installation and operation are practical and simple.

Thanks to Mag Laundry, you get clean, disinfected clothes, with more intense colours, without detergent and without residues.


 - Ecological and economical

 - Chemical-free

 - Environmentally friendly

 - Safe for people with allergies

 - 100% compatible with washing machine

 - Easy to use and install

 - Hot and cold water cleaning

 - Allows easier ironing 

 - Clothes will be more beautiful, colours will be more intense.

 - Helps to eliminate characteristic odours from use or moisture without the use of detergents and fabric softeners!

 - The water can be used for washing fruit and vegetables, cleaning glass and floors. 

The MAG LAUNDRY is simply connected to the washing machine using the existing pipes. It requires no modifications or additional plumbing work, and can be quickly and easily installed in most homes, requiring no cleaning or maintenance to deliver maximum performance.

Once installed, just place the clothes in the washer, program it with cold water, no detergent, and start it up, MAG LAUNDRY will do it all automatically.

It uses a UVC quartz lamp and a pulse generator to produce ozone.

The water is treated on 2 different principles when it enters the Mag Laundry: the first adds ozone to the water via a generator, the second uses a UVC quartz lamp to perform an anti-material action without ozone.

With this system, the water enters our washing machine completely bacteria-free and saturated with oxygen, allowing us to disinfect and antibacterialise our clothes with incredible results.

Technical information

 - Dimensions: 480x90x412 mm

 - Net weight: 7 kg

 - Power: 110-220 V, 50/60 Hz

 - Operating power: max 45W

 - Program: 3 

 - Time: programmed

 - Dynamic water pressure: min. 20 psi-60 psi/1.37~4.13 bar

 - Water temperature: use cold water

 - Operating environment: 10-30oC

 - Humidity: 40%~85%

Important information:

Place of origin: EU

We offer a manufacturer's and replacement warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.

We offer a money back guarantee within 15 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with the product you have purchased.

If the product you ordered should fail, please contact us with confidence as we have a full service background.

Delivery time: 3-5 days.

If there is a problem with the product, please contact us at

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