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Caviar night and day cream setCaviar has long been used as a luxury equivalent, but not many people know that it can have a good effect on our skin.Advantages: - anti-wrinkle and regenerative preparation  - reduce wrinkel lenght and depth - can help the cells growth and tissue re..
Ex Tax:3,299Ft
Hyaluron can fill the collagen and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid, one of the most important components of our connective tissue, can be produced after the age of twenty. Hyaluronic acid may be responsible for the elasticity, fluid uptake and fluid retention of our tissues. Depleted hyaluronic acid..
Ex Tax:5,819Ft
Alpenkrauter is a soothing and mushle relaxant cream. Ingredibles: - pine, arnica, chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary, eucalyptus. Effective:  - analgesia - joint problems - muscle arches, joint cramps - reducing inflammation - easier movement of members - b..
Ex Tax:1,252Ft
Natural cream with alpine herbs and siberian pine oil. The balm with red grape leaves and chestnuts is an excellent body care product, You can refresh and soothe your skin.Recommended:  - varicose veins - inflammation - swollen, heavy feet - anticonvulsion - m..
Ex Tax:1,567Ft
It is very rich in nutrients and minerals that can be used for skin care. May have a soothing effect on the skin.  The cream can have soothing and emollient properties and protect the skin from drying out.Effective:  - analgesia - joint problems - muscle arches, joint c..
Ex Tax:2,512Ft
If you use an inappropriate cleaning agent, you can ruin your favorite clothes. Wool, knitted clothes, fur, fabrics, blankets and underwear can be washed with a wool wash. The product is skin-friendly and very gentle, using a washed dress to keep its color, size, brilliance, fresh, and fragrant. Wit..
Ex Tax:1,378Ft
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