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Széchenyi 2020
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Neck, shoulder or back pain? The shiatsu massage pad can help relieve muscle tension and relieve pain.Removable washable cover for easy cleaning.Properties:  - can provide neck and shoulder massage  - relieve stress and fatigue  - two rotating massage heads  - simple control ..
Ex Tax:7,795Ft
Features:-multifunction steam vacuum cleaner perfectly cleand and degreases any surface at to 100° C.-the steam can clean household almost effortlessly and without the use of chemicals-it works effi ciently, ecologicall and gently-part of the product is a professional iron for comfortable ironi..
Ex Tax:51,102Ft
The titanium bracelet contains 4 types of stone-magnet, germanium, infrared and anion. Titanium has beneficial effect on health. This is a very elegant and timeless jewelry.The titanium:    -muscle relaxant    -painkiller    -excellent to improve performance   ..
Ex Tax:3,929Ft
The Top Chef mixer has an elegant look and great features. Accessiores and possibilities:    - made of high quality materials     - more than 20 appurtenance    - fits all modern kitchen     - compact size    - easy to maintainThe mixe..
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
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