Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020
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SOGO is perfect for keeping the average household clean. Thanks to the 2 in 1 version, we can work separately with the handle vacuum cleaner and the hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is great e.g. also for cleaning furniture!Properties:Cyclonic system (without bag)Vertical and hand vacuum cle..
Ex Tax:37,717Ft
Smart blood pressure monitor, automatic measurementWHO classification indicatorLarge and clear LCD displayMemory can store 60 measurements per person, for 2 personsEasy to useAutomatic switch-off in 1 minute to save energyIrregular heart rate detectionImportant information:Place of origin: EUEU: 1 y..
Ex Tax:7,795Ft
Large cooking surface electric barbecue with bamboo tray.  - large cooking surface, 42x23 cm - 2200 W heating element - 15 cm hot surface, which is 20°C higher than the other surfaces - removable oil tank - removable electric thermostat with temperature control - i..
Ex Tax:21,969Ft
Sogo hand steamer-faster and more convenient ironing! You can remove wrinkles from almost any material or garment!Properties: Removable water tank / steam brush 360º rotationContinuous steam emission (g / min) 15-25Steam reinforcement (g / h): 0.35-1.00Vapor aerosol (g / h): 0.30-1.00LED la..
Ex Tax:12,984Ft
With its 350W power, the table mixer easily solves the preparation of various fruit drinks, smoothies, protein fitness drinks, athlete's formula, milk cocktails, but also alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.It also allows you to grind ice for iced coffee.The bottle is also a mixing vessel...
Ex Tax:10,157Ft
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