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Széchenyi 2020
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An effective and deadly trap for flies, mosquitos and other insects. Thanks to its UVA light it attracts insects, which get struck down as they come into contact with the electric mesh inside. A handy and simple method that runs on electricity and doesn't use harmful chemicals, nor emit..
Ex Tax:4,717Ft
Pancakes can be a favorite of children and adults alike. In addition, this oven can be used to make not only pancakes, but also waffles, tortillas or grilled dishes.Features: - power: 2000 W - diameter: 50 cm - easy to use - adjustable thermostat - non - stick coating -..
Ex Tax:9,835Ft
A perfect accessory vacuum cleaner with this hair removal brush. Pet hair can be quickly picked up from sofa, blanket, car upholstery, etc.Silicone teeth can remove hair from all surfaces to simplify vacuuming.Features:  - includes 2 universal adaptadors - not compatible Dyson vacuum ..
Ex Tax:1,961Ft
Enjoy the pleasant cool environment. The fan can refresh the air with the micro particles. You can choose from 3 operating speeds: low -night mode, medium-saving mode, high-turbo mode. Integrated security sistem:-5 large diameter (40 cm) blades (can allow the greater air flow)-safety grill..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
Enjoy the different colors in the shower! This should be connected to the shower tube. When the water is flowing, it will automatically start the light. The bathing will be water-saving, because the water flows through tiny holes. Features: - size: 12x23x3 cm - mat..
Ex Tax:7,472Ft
It's a practical and versatile blender that lets you quickly and efficiently produce the finest sauces, smoothies, purees, healthy and natural juices, etc. It is very easy to use, because you just have to press the top.Properties: - Made of ABS, PP and stainless steel - modern and function..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
Standgrill that can be perfect for the summer months.Features: - size of the baking section: 46 cm - height without cover: 54 cm - black enamel coating - stainless steel legs - galvanized carbon grid - charcoal tray made of galvanized sheet - two sides grip valley&..
Ex Tax:5,504Ft
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