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Polarized light therapy is a medical and preventive method recognized by doctors, which can help the body's self-healing ability!Effect of:  - it can also penetrate into deeper tissues - it may have an anti-inflammatory effect - it may have an analgesic effect -&nb..
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You can make the treatment more comfortable with the stand. It can be adjusted to a variety of positions, so that any part of the body can be handled with comfort. Features:  - easy assembly  - easy moving can be  - user friendly - easy to store either un..
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Caviar night and day cream setCaviar has long been used as a luxury equivalent, but not many people know that it can have a good effect on our skin.Advantages: - anti-wrinkle and regenerative preparation  - reduce wrinkel lenght and depth - can help the cells growth and tissue re..
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The electric broom is one of the most agile, most practical and effective cleaning tools nowadays. Thanks to its special design, the electric broom can be even more efficient, even without bending the furniture.360 degree swivel head: remove dirt from the most difficult places to access. Unlike othe..
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The Mediken electromagnetic stimulator is a low frequency pulsed magnetic structure that can have a beneficial effect on the human body. It can act on the reflex zones on the sole and on the body parts of the soles of the sole. As a result, the body's energy flows can calm down and balance.The human..
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Home massage experience for the price of a personal masseur.Features: - Remote control - Up to 4 body parts can be massaged at the same time (back, waist, thigh, calf) - 10 vibration motors - 3-stage intensity - Adjustable vibration massage for the whole body - Heat fun..
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Reflexology has long been a proven practice in healing body and soul, restoring harmonious states and vibrations. There are reflex points on the palm and the soles that can be used to massage the vital organs associated with them.Contents of the box:- 1 remote control- 1 jelly tongue- 1 massage belt..
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110 Herb Oil is a completely natural product, made by traditional recipe based on roots, fruits, flowers of 110 plant species. Has a wide range of application and it is known for its healing action. As a therapeutic oil can be used to reduce pain for headaches, muscle being paid an arm and a leg..
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Natural cream with alpine herbs and siberian pine oil. The balm with red grape leaves and chestnuts is an excellent body care product, You can refresh and soothe your skin.Recommended:  - varicose veins - inflammation - swollen, heavy feet - anticonvulsion - m..
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- to relieve muscle aches- material: polyester- 2 stage remote control- low consumption- voltage: 220-240 V- frequency: 50 Hz- performance: 60 W (protection agains overheating)- size: 150x80 cm- cable lenght: 230 cmImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and re..
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Old wood-looking fireplace clock.The device is powered by 1 pc  AA battery (battery not included).Dimensions: 12.5 x 24.5 x 4.5 cmImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement warranty from the date of purchase for this product. If you are d..
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The gel insole provides maximum cushioning, maximum comfort and fastening to the full length of the foot, thereby relieving the heel, leg and back pains, minimizing the unpleasant pressure feeling experienced during the job and the damaging impacts caused by walking. It prevents the formation of wai..
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The Enrico 3in1 ergonomic file is very easy to use. It also contains several interchangeable blades that can be used to cut thin slices.The removable socket makes it easy to separate the grilled foods.Features:- stainless steel- interchangeable cutter, file inserts- dishwasher safe- suitable for: cu..
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Ready for summer?The elegant fan with can be rotated head is looks good is every room. Features:  - diameter: 40 cm - three different speed - 90 degree fan rotation - energy save - qiut operation - perfect in any room, office, home - adjustable height: 11..
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You get a sweet hug with teddy bear, because ideal for toddlers and the dorm of adults. Attributes: - size: 24 cm - material: plush Important informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement warranty from the date of purchase for this product.&..
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