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Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of various anti-wrinkle and topical cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in various tissues of the body: skin, joint fluids and connective tissues. As the age progresses, the skin's hyaluronic acid content may decrease gradually.Hyaluronic acid can ..
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Hyaluron gelThe hyaluronic acid can give the skin a delicate softness and tension. However, over time, the production of this acid in the body may decrease, the skin may dry out, become inflexible, and wrinkles may appear.Using such formulations can improve the water balance of the skin, which can m..
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The precious essences of orchid allow the skin to breathe and give new firmness to the epidermis. Regular care with this serum can result in skin that looks noticeably younger, more vibrant and firmer. The precious extract of the black orchid is considered an absolute insider tip in the world of cos..
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