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Széchenyi 2020
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About Us

Welcome to our webshop!

Although the magic of a personal encounter cannot be realized online at the webshop, allow us to introduce ourselves. 

We are Peter Wagner and Beatrix Wagner. A married couple, who share a common passion for creation, for the past 13 years.

The parent company of Wagner Home, WPB-Tex Ltd and W-Home Ltd. was founded in 2006. 

Then we were only engaged in sewing activities, but our maximalism and passion for work not less in the beginning.  

our goal was to meet the unique needs of our partners as quickly as possible and in better quality, especially in our health care products.

In the spirit of health-conscious thinking, we manufacture and offer affordable health care products, massage products, creams, cosmetics, household and home electronics, primarily to make life easier for families and mothers. 

One of our biggest dreams came true in 2015, and this year our web store was opened. 
We have a need for a lot of positive feedback to make our distributed and self-made products available to retail customers.

This is how it is that you, our dear Visitor, are reading these lines. J

We believe not only in the importance of preserving health, but also in the fact that lack of time is the biggest problem these days. We have no time for the family, for our children, for ourselves and for anything in general that can make us really happy.There are many tools and products available today to save time or protect our health, ultimately making our lives easier and more balanced. We want to give you all individually manufactured or even "just" marketed products. Time, help, ease in everyday life.

Let us dear visitor introduce products, cosmetics, tools that make your day more beautiful and simpler. We trust that you will not be more than 10 years of experience disappointed, because every day we try to make the most of the knowledge, professional team.

If you have any questions, doubts or thoughts, feel free to contact us as we feed on feedback, build on.

Yours sincerely, The Wagner couple, whose passion is creation.