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Gold placenta night cream 100 g

Gold placenta night cream 100 g
Gold placenta night cream 100 g
Gold placenta night cream 100 g
Gold placenta night cream 100 g
Gold placenta night cream 100 g

Gold Placenta night cream 100 g

Gold Placenta Night Cream combines lanolin, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamins A, D and E to help keep skin soft and optimally hydrated. This night cream is specifically designed to refresh and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

Key benefits of Gold Placenta Night Cream:

 - The Gold Placenta Golden Placenta is a great benefit for your baby results are visible after just a few weeks of use.

Aloe vera and chamomile extracts effectively soothe, heal and moisturize the skin, absorb quickly and help to maintain skin smoothness, softness and elasticity.

 - Placenta, used in our cream, is plant-based and can help regenerate new cells as one of the essential building blocks of life.

 - Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, toxins, pollutants and environmental stress, contributing to the health of skin cells.

 - Collagen, together with elastin, supports skin elasticity and firmness, helping to keep it hydrated, smooth and soft-feeling. As we age, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases, so replacing it is important to maintain healthy skin.

 - Lanolin is an excellent natural moisturiser, soothing dry skin and effectively protecting it from the elements.

 - Chamomile soothes, relaxes, restores and tones the skin, as well as promoting skin cell growth.

Directions for use.

Use daily.

Size: 100 g

Paraben-free product.

Made in New Zealand.

Important information:

Place of origin: New Zealand

Delivery time: 2-4 days. (If the product you have ordered is not in stock, our colleagues will contact you to arrange an estimated delivery time).

If you are dissatisfied with the product you have purchased, a money-back guarantee will be given within 15 days of purchase (in case of an unopened box).

If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at

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