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Gel insole

Gel insole
Gel insole
Gel insole
Gel insole
Gel insole
Gel insole
Gel insole

The gel insole can provide cushioning, maximum comfort and lock-in along the entire length of the foot.

This allows

- relieve heel, shin and back pain

- minimise the discomfort of standing under pressure and the damaging impact of walking

- prevent the development of back and spinal problems

- alleviate the painful symptoms of flat feet, lumbar spine and ankle pain

- can be used for sports, work or leisure activities

The function of the gel:
Acupressure foot massage is achieved by the movement of a special gel placed in the insole, which can stimulate blood circulation in the foot and benefit the biological function of the body. By increasing blood circulation, the elasticity of blood vessels is increased, resulting in improved well-being, less fatigue, more activity and a significant reduction in pain.

The movement of the fluid can also eliminate complaints of muscle weakness and poor blood supply: pain, discomfort, pressure, fatigue, cold feet, etc.

The effect of the magnet:
Magnets have been proven to reduce pain in various parts of the body, relax stiff muscles and speed up the body's natural self-healing processes. A magnet placed in the insole can speed up the blood flow, thus cleansing the body of waste products deposited in the blood vessels and regenerating the cells. The magnetic field improves the so-called microcirculation, especially in the capillary veins, thus optimising the transport of nutrients and waste products, the functioning of the hormonal system and the immune system.

Effects of gel insoles:
- Can improve posture.
- Can stimulate blood flow.
- May help to improve circulation.
- May help to relieve foot odour.
- Pads the whole foot.
- Can reduce muscle pain.
- Can be used with any type of shoe.
- Can take the strain off the spine.
- Can provide maximum comfort and freshness.

Ideal for everyday wear, lightweight and durable.
Universal, can be cut to size: from 35 to 43.

Use: To cut to size, use the size guide on the insole. Insert directly into the shoe or replace the removable insole with the gel insole.

Clean by hand!

Attention! Do not use if you have PACEMAKER.

Contents of the package: 1 pair of insoles (2 pieces)

Current colours: red, blue

Important information:
Place of origin: EU
Delivery time: 2-4 days. (If the product you have ordered is not in stock, our colleagues will contact you to arrange an estimated delivery time).
For hygiene reasons, we are unable to exchange the product or refund the purchase price if the product has been used. 
If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at

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