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Hyaluron cream set

 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
 Hyaluron cream set
Hyaluron cream set

Hyaluron can fill the collagen and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid, one of the most important components of our connective tissue, can be produced after the age of twenty. Hyaluronic acid may be responsible for the elasticity, fluid uptake and fluid retention of our tissues. Depleted hyaluronic acid production may be responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the water-absorbing properties of the hyaluron in creams and ampoules, it smoothes fine mimic wrinkles and wrinkles. It is especially suitable for dry skin because of its water-absorbing effect. Effect of hyaluronic acid: It can improve, stimulate the retraction of wrinkles, so that hyaluronic acid can bind moisture to the skin. In addition to its anti-wrinkle effect, it can make the skin more springy.

Method of application:

Please thoroughly clean, disinfect the body to be treated (face, décolleté), then apply an ampoule containing whole hyaluronic acid, then let it act for about 10 minutes, then lubricate the cream for the day.

Because of the complex effect of hyaluronic acid, we can also call it the elixir of youth. The secrets of the anti-aging panacea have been discovered by nutrition science and cosmetics companies for decades, so we can already have a rejuvenating effect.

Hyaluronic acid in hyaluron's professional cosmetics has excellent water retention and water retention properties, smoothes fine wrinkles and lines, wrinkles and wrinkles. Water-deficient dry and normal skin is an excellent care product!

A hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is as much part of our body as collagen, ellastin and amino acids. Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronic Acid, HA) is a protein building element (glycosaminoglycan) that is naturally found in the human body (skin, cartilage, joint fluid, heart valve, eye, muscle).

Exactly one of the essential components of our tissues. This acid is responsible for the elasticity of our tissues, its ability to absorb water and keep it fluid. Hyaluronic acid connects and fills the cellular tissue in the connective tissue, ensuring the elasticity and tension of the particular organ (eg skin).

Its volume is highest in neonatal connective tissue, and its production begins to decline in the twenties. The age of forty is the watershed, since hyaluronic acid production is halved and sixty years old, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin is 10%. It is therefore clear that one of the main weapons of the fight against aging is the preservation of the hyaluronic acid in the tissues and its return to the body.

In the cosmetics industry, it has been discovered that hyaluronic acid protects the skin against aging and helps restore its smoothness and flexibility by maintaining hydration. It is capable of absorbing water equivalent to 1000 times the weight of hyaluronic acid, thus ensuring the volume, space and flexibility of the tissue. Hyaluronic acid can also help the immune system to function, as it has an excellent antioxidant but also has antibacterial activity.

Effect of Hyaluron:

Hyaluronic acid can absorb moisture in the skin, so you can immediately restore the complexion of your skin. Practically you can charge mimic wrinkles, crooked legs, and furrows between the eyebrows. Beyond the volume-boosting effect, it can also make the facial skin tighter and more flexible. Its production can be significantly stimulated by another drug, saponin, which is found in more and more products besides hyaluron.

Because of the complex effect of hyaluronic acid, we can also call it the elixir of youth.

Stock Contents:

- 15 ampoules containing 2 ml 100% hyaluron concentrate

- 1 125 ml skin scrub

- 1 125 ml daily moisturizing cream

- 1 125 ml night cream

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