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Horse Balm

 Horse Balm
Horse Balm

The horse balm is a cool, vitalizing cream. We recommend joint and muscle pain, lumbago caused by pain. We recommend joint and muscle pain, lumbago causes by pain, minor sports injuries, cooling, sprain, dislocation, muscle relaxant effect. 


 - relax and nurture the whole body 

 - can stimulate blood circulation 

 - reduce seizures and muscle pain 

 - helps relieve fatigue, injury, burn, rheumatic complaints 

 - protect veins and arteries 

 - can relieve back and back pain 

 - protect damaged, tired, varicose legs 

 - in case of cooling, it can be dissolved in warm bath water to reduce the symptoms of colds




 - for dry and sensitive skin 

 - athletes, after muscle relaxation, spasms 

 - joint and muscle pain 

 - all-round legs 

 - colds



Application: Apply the balm at least 3 times a day to the sore part of the body, massage it thoroughly and leave it to work.



Attention! Don't get an open wound or face! 

Individual sensitivity in the case of do not use. 

Keep away from children. 

It can be use for 12 months from opening. 

Pack size: 500 ml

Important informations:

Place of origin: EU
Delivery time: 2-4 days (if the ordered product is not in stock, our colleagues will call/text you and tell you the delivery time).
If you are dissatisfied with the product you have purchased, we guarantee a money-back guarantee within 15 days of purchase for unopened products. We are not able to take back unopened products.
If you have any problems with the product, please contact us via e-mail at the following: . 

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