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Polarized light therapy is a medical and preventive method recognized by doctors, which can help the body's self-healing ability!Effect of:  - it can also penetrate into deeper tissues - it may have an anti-inflammatory effect - it may have an analgesic effect -&nb..
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You can make the treatment more comfortable with the stand. It can be adjusted to a variety of positions, so that any part of the body can be handled with comfort. Features:  - easy assembly  - easy moving can be  - user friendly - easy to store either un..
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Electric bicycle with auxiliary electric drive suitable for larger bicycle tours or urban transport. These bikes can make the movement easier, but the cycling experience is not lost.Properties:- LCD display: Displays all the necessary information- speed, distance traveled, daily trip, maximum and mi..
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The Mediken electromagnetic stimulator is a low frequency pulsed magnetic structure that can have a beneficial effect on the human body. It can act on the reflex zones on the sole and on the body parts of the soles of the sole. As a result, the body's energy flows can calm down and balance.The human..
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Infrared massage pants can have a soothing, stimulating and strengthening effect on the skin and muscles. It helps to reduce stress, fatigue and muscle pain. The pants are heated and have several stages.The benefits of infrared heating are well known. It can improve your mood, help with circulatory ..
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Home massage experience for the price of a personal masseur.Features: - Remote control - Up to 4 body parts can be massaged at the same time (back, waist, thigh, calf) - 10 vibration motors - 3-stage intensity - Adjustable vibration massage for the whole body - Heat fun..
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It can be particularly effective in reheating the surface of acupuncture points, which can regulate the human energy system, according to the traditional Chinese cure.The radiated energy waves can harmonize the energy area, allowing the blockades to let go and the life energy flow through the meridi..
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Reflexology has long been a proven practice in healing body and soul, restoring harmonious states and vibrations. There are reflex points on the palm and the soles that can be used to massage the vital organs associated with them.Contents of the box:- 1 remote control- 1 jelly tongue- 1 massage belt..
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THE APPARATUS IS POSSIBLE FOR OXYGEN MOLECULES BEFORE OZONE MOLECULARS WITH ELECTRICITY SUPPLY THAT MAY BE USED FOR STERILIZATION.Use:1. For air disinfection2. Water Disinfection3. Food sterilization4.  Sterilizing clothesOzone functions/effects1. Can kill vegetative bacteria.2. You can kill th..
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Are you tired, do your feet hurt after your daily work? Enjoy pampering with our foot massage.Properties:- 6 rotating massage discs- A total of 18 massaging heads for a perfect massage experience- Soothing infrared heat that can help relieve tension and muscle stiffness- Easy to operate with your fe..
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Enjoy the air cushion massager is different with types of massage. The massager massaging sole, foot, and arm. Types of massage - rolling massage  - scrapping massage - air pressure massage - shiatsu massage - kneading massage  - ozone massage -..
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Smart blood pressure gauge (with Bluetooth data transfer) is the latest development, based on precision and reliability. It is always exact and safe as in a doctor's office. It is easy and comfortable to use. You can connect the device with the smartphone app. Features: - intelligent ..
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The gel insole provides maximum cushioning, maximum comfort and fastening to the full length of the foot, thereby relieving the heel, leg and back pains, minimizing the unpleasant pressure feeling experienced during the job and the damaging impacts caused by walking. It prevents the formation of wai..
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The Hydrosana cleaning and detoxifying system can flow 0.1 billion negative ions per minute in water. These negative ions can be absorbed directly into the body through the skin layer of the foot. Negatively charged ions can transport electrons to oxidized cells and deoxidize them. This can prevent ..
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How can the HPZ frequency help?All the tiny biological functions of our bodies work through electromagnetic processes, which are in the same frequency range as the Earth's natural vibration. This fine relationship is essential for a healthy life, which is constantly distorted by the harmful frequenc..
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The infrared sauna dome uses infrared radiation technology to reach deep, penetrating heat that can release the body. The dome can provide effective infrared radiation to the body to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits, e.g. - weight loss - detoxification, - reduction of ce..
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Its beneficial effects can be effective especially in musculoskeletal problems.Indications: - infrared rays, which can penetrate deep into tissues, stimulate metabolism and blood circulation - relaxation of tissues may reduce or eliminate painTreatment areas: - muscle and joint pain&n..
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To the best of our knowledge, the polarized lamp can be used indefinitely from the age of zero to the age of aggastyan. However, skin resistance should be considered: minimum skin resistance in infancy (baby’s skin is soft, velvety). This resistance increases only slowly with advancing age. However,..
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The MagMobil pulsed magnetic therapy device can vivid the metabolism, improve the blood supply, more oxygen to the cells, and from the body can escape harmful toxins. The magnetic field can increase the blood oxygen content. The magnet help:  - blood flow may accelerate - ha..
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Due to various environmental factors, our body's natural magnetism is no longer able to make optimal use of it. The Earth's magnetic field has now been halved, which can have a major impact on our health and well-being.Deficiencies in vital magnetism can be blamed for our myriad illnesses and malais..
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A new kind of massaging device, specially designed for massaging the legs, ankles, and calves. The massaging device stimulates blood circulation, allowing the muscles to heat. Especially recommended for its stimulant effects of the strained legs. Effects:  - analgesia - bloo..
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The intelligent neck massager, which has a flexible ring design for human cervical physiology, can form a complex energy field that can reach directly to the deep tissues and bone marrow, either through multi-channel synchronous massage, low-frequency pulse, magnetic action, thermal moxibustion, rin..
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Hypoxia is a progressive pathological condition that can be caused by an abnormal alteration in the metabolism, function and structure of biological tissues due to oxygen deficiency or oxygen deficiency. Hypoxia or oxygen deficiency may be general or local. Since its discovery, more and more..
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Important informations:If you have any question with the product, please contact via e-mail at the following:
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Neck, shoulder or back pain? The shiatsu massage pad can help relieve muscle tension and relieve pain.Removable washable cover for easy cleaning.Properties:  - can provide neck and shoulder massage  - relieve stress and fatigue  - two rotating massage heads  - simple control ..
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The titanium bracelet contains 4 types of stone-magnet, germanium, infrared and anion. Titanium has beneficial effect on health. This is a very elegant and timeless jewelry.The titanium:    -muscle relaxant    -painkiller    -excellent to improve performance   ..
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