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Polarized light therapy is a medical and preventive method recognized by doctors, which can help the body's self-healing ability!Effect of:  - it can also penetrate into deeper tissues - it may have an anti-inflammatory effect - it may have an analgesic effect -&nb..
Ex Tax:48,740Ft
Keep the air clean of allergens, bacteria, mold spores, pet hair, and air pollution.Properties:• Removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles•3 modes: high / medium / low• Dehumidification functions• Water tank capacity: 1000 ml• Working capacity: 750 ml / day• Automatic shut-o..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
SOGO is perfect for keeping the average household clean. Thanks to the 2 in 1 version, we can work separately with the handle vacuum cleaner and the hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is great e.g. also for cleaning furniture!Properties:Cyclonic system (without bag)Vertical and hand vacuum cle..
44,900Ft 49,900Ft
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
Its large 7-litre capacity makes it quick and easy to prepare one-dish meals. An adjustable thermostat allows you to set the optimum temperature. Features:  - non-stick coated pan - easy to clean - Easy to clean, non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning - preven..
23,900Ft 27,900Ft
Ex Tax:18,819Ft
Easy to carry electric grill.Colour: BlackMaterial: AluminumThickness: 2.5 mmPower: 2150 WTemperature: AdjustableAccessory: Grease collection trayPower cord: ExtendableOven surface: 45 x 25 cmDimensions approx .: 62 x 25 x 8.5 cmProperties:Non-stickDishwasher..
18,900Ft 21,900Ft
Ex Tax:14,882Ft
Large cooking surface electric barbecue with bamboo tray.  - large cooking surface, 42x23 cm - 2200 W heating element - 15 cm hot surface, which is 20°C higher than the other surfaces - removable oil tank - removable electric thermostat with temperature control - i..
24,900Ft 28,490Ft
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
3in1 grill, stone and raclette grill  - With stone and grill plate - With on/off LED light indicator - With Alucink base and 4 small pans - With non-slip base - Suitable for preparing meals for up to 8 people - Temperature control - Safety shut-off - 8 tr..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
The FFP2 face mask provides light, soft and very comfortable to wear.Made of easy-to-apply, 4-layer, highly effective and breathable fabric. The mask is made of moisture-resistant and hypoallergenic material.The nose edge of the protective mask can be folded inwards, providing even greater safety an..
Ex Tax:1,259Ft
Decorate your garden furniture and make yourself comfortable on one of our stylish pillows!The pillows are available in several colors.Size: 120x45x3 cmIf you need a special offer, please contact 70 943 9323..
Ex Tax:2,354Ft
Sogo hand steamer-faster and more convenient ironing! You can remove wrinkles from almost any material or garment!Properties: Removable water tank / steam brush 360º rotationContinuous steam emission (g / min) 15-25Steam reinforcement (g / h): 0.35-1.00Vapor aerosol (g / h): 0.30-1.00LED la..
17,900Ft 24,900Ft
Ex Tax:14,094Ft
Karcher WD3 dry-wet vacuum cleaner Karcher WD3 dry-wet vacuum cleaner
Top Brand -13 %
High-performance and efficient dry-wet vacuum cleaner with 17 l plastic tank and cartridge filter. Features:  - special cartridge filter - Specially developed floor head and machine hose - detachable handle  - different floor heads can be connected directly to the ..
34,900Ft 39,900Ft
Ex Tax:27,480Ft
Practical, modern kitchen scales with LCD screen. Features:  - touch buttons - LCD display - anti-slip feet - Gram accuracy - overload and power loss indicator - switch for 4 different weight units - automatic loading by pressing the TARE button ..
Ex Tax:3,378Ft
Thanks to its unique design and LED lighting, it can be a jewel in the kitchen.Features:- material: stainless steel, hard plastic, glass- LED light- on/off button- automatic opening- lime filter- easy to clean- max. capacity: 1,7 l- min. capacity: 0,5 l- voltage: 220-240 V- frequency: 50-60 Hz- powe..
Ex Tax:9,047Ft
An original and practical food chopper. It is very easy to use and chops food using a simple manual cord mechanism. You simply hold the chopper with one hand and, with the other hand, you pull the cord on the lid a number of times to achieve your desired level of chopping: the result (larger or smal..
Ex Tax:3,142Ft
Properties:Interchangeable headsCan be used: nose, ears, mustache, eyebrows, temple and beardStainless steel bladesCleaning brushAluminum bodyWashable heads for hygienic cleaningBattery operated: 1 x AA..
4,490Ft 5,900Ft
Ex Tax:3,535Ft
This modern humidifier allows you to hydrate and refresh the air - you can add fragrance oil to the water to make its pleasant aroma float in the air.Material: ABS Touch button: On / Off Capacity: 130 ml Ultrasonic Calm Multi-colored LED series Dual function: improves air quality and smells of..
Ex Tax:5,661Ft
With its 350W power, the table mixer easily solves the preparation of various fruit drinks, smoothies, protein fitness drinks, athlete's formula, milk cocktails, but also alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.It also allows you to grind ice for iced coffee.The bottle is also a mixing vessel...
10,900Ft 14,990Ft
Ex Tax:8,583Ft
Philips vacuum cleaner with dust bag Philips vacuum cleaner with dust bag
Top Brand
It can collect and trap up to 99.9% of dust and allergens. Features:  - Power: 900 W - 900 W: 900 g - Extra suction power - AirflowMax technology: the uniquely designed dust canister ensures maximum capacity and airflow until the dust bag is full.  - 9 m reach..
Ex Tax:40,866Ft
Professional refreshment on warm summer days and nights: the air conditioner not only exudes fresh air, but also cools and humidifies it.Compact and functional designHandle and 4 wheels, easy to transportTimer (up to 8 hours)Humidifier3 speeds3 modes of use: continuous, natural and night airVertical..
39,900Ft 44,900Ft
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
A set of 6 reusable, hermetically-sealed bags for carrying food or for keeping it in the fridge or freezer (including liquids). Three different sizes are included: 2 large bags, 2 medium and 2 small. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks, dried fruits, biscuits, sweets, sandwiches, rolls, fruit, vegetables, ..
Ex Tax:3,929Ft
Perfect for chopping all kinds of meat, vegetables, nuts, peppers and even breaking ice - 1.8 litre plastic bowl - 4 stainless steel blades - Overheat protection - One-hand operation - Fast chopping: 10-20 seconds - Large lid push button - Easy cleaning - Plas..
Ex Tax:5,819Ft
It cools its surroundings and protects it from UV rays. Size: 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 m..
12,900Ft 26,900Ft
Ex Tax:10,157Ft
0,5 litre stainless steel thermos. It can keep your drinks hot and cold. It can keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 10 hours. Airtight bottle. With different patterns. Rinse with detergent water before use. Place of origin: EUThis product is covered by ..
Ex Tax:3,772Ft
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