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Polarized light therapy is a medical and preventive method recognized by doctors, which can help the body's self-healing ability!Effect of:  - it can also penetrate into deeper tissues - it may have an anti-inflammatory effect - it may have an analgesic effect -&nb..
Ex Tax:43,228Ft
Keep the air clean of allergens, bacteria, mold spores, pet hair, and air pollution.Properties:• Removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles•3 modes: high / medium / low• Dehumidification functions• Water tank capacity: 1000 ml• Working capacity: 750 ml / day• Automatic shut-o..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
SOGO is perfect for keeping the average household clean. Thanks to the 2 in 1 version, we can work separately with the handle vacuum cleaner and the hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is great e.g. also for cleaning furniture!Properties:Cyclonic system (without bag)Vertical and hand vacuum cle..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
Blender for chopping, pureeing, grinding coffee, chopping fruits and vegetables. Features:  - 1.5 l mixing bowl with measuring units - waterproof lid - ice crusher function - coffee grinder mixing bowl with 1.5 litre waterproof lid - 3 power settings: pulsating, me..
Ex Tax:11,409Ft
Practical contact grill, suitable for preparing meat, fish, vegetables, grilled sandwiches, panini. The grill plates have a non-stick coating, so no or very little oil or butter is required for use. Features:  - Non-slip feet.  - 2,000 W power.  - 2000 W cooking pl..
Ex Tax:18,819Ft
Its large 7-litre capacity makes it quick and easy to prepare one-dish meals. An adjustable thermostat allows you to set the optimum temperature. Features:  - non-stick coated pan - easy to clean - Easy to clean, non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning - preven..
Ex Tax:21,969Ft
Easy to carry electric grill.Colour: BlackMaterial: AluminumThickness: 2.5 mmPower: 2150 WTemperature: AdjustableAccessory: Grease collection trayPower cord: ExtendableOven surface: 45 x 25 cmDimensions approx .: 62 x 25 x 8.5 cmProperties:Non-stickDishwasher..
Ex Tax:17,244Ft
Large cooking surface electric barbecue with bamboo tray.  - large cooking surface, 42x23 cm - 2200 W heating element - 15 cm hot surface, which is 20°C higher than the other surfaces - removable oil tank - removable electric thermostat with temperature control - i..
Ex Tax:22,433Ft
3in1 grill, stone and raclette grill  - With stone and grill plate - With on/off LED light indicator - With Alucink base and 4 small pans - With non-slip base - Suitable for preparing meals for up to 8 people - Temperature control - Safety shut-off - 8 tr..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
The FFP2 face mask provides light, soft and very comfortable to wear.Made of easy-to-apply, 4-layer, highly effective and breathable fabric. The mask is made of moisture-resistant and hypoallergenic material.The nose edge of the protective mask can be folded inwards, providing even greater safety an..
Ex Tax:1,259Ft
It's different from traditional fryers and can be used to make healthy meals!- Includes a 4.5 litre non-stick coated frying basket- Automatic reminder (Warning) to remove food mid-cooking- Uses around 80% less fat than a conventional fryer- With LED-lit digital display and touchscreen control panel-..
Ex Tax:31,882Ft
Decorate your garden furniture and make yourself comfortable on one of our stylish pillows!The pillows are available in several colors.Size: 120x45x3 cmIf you need a special offer, please contact 70 943 9323..
Ex Tax:2,354Ft
The double garden hammock is perfect for those who like to spend their free time outdoors. When rolled up, it takes up little space in your bag. Made of durable material and thick braided cord. It can be used by up to two people. Machine washable. Max. load: 200 kgUsage:&nbs..
Ex Tax:4,717Ft
Sogo hand steamer-faster and more convenient ironing! You can remove wrinkles from almost any material or garment!Properties: Removable water tank / steam brush 360º rotationContinuous steam emission (g / min) 15-25Steam reinforcement (g / h): 0.35-1.00Vapor aerosol (g / h): 0.30-1.00LED la..
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
Karcher WD3 dry-wet vacuum cleaner Karcher WD3 dry-wet vacuum cleaner
Top Brand
High-performance and efficient dry-wet vacuum cleaner with 17 l plastic tank and cartridge filter. Features:  - special cartridge filter - Specially developed floor head and machine hose - detachable handle  - different floor heads can be connected directly to the ..
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
Practical, modern kitchen scales with LCD screen. Features:  - touch buttons - LCD display - anti-slip feet - Gram accuracy - overload and power loss indicator - switch for 4 different weight units - automatic loading by pressing the TARE button ..
Ex Tax:3,378Ft
Thanks to its unique design and LED lighting, it can be a jewel in the kitchen.Features:- material: stainless steel, hard plastic, glass- LED light- on/off button- automatic opening- lime filter- easy to clean- max. capacity: 1,7 l- min. capacity: 0,5 l- voltage: 220-240 V- frequency: 50-60 Hz- powe..
Ex Tax:9,047Ft
An original and practical food chopper. It is very easy to use and chops food using a simple manual cord mechanism. You simply hold the chopper with one hand and, with the other hand, you pull the cord on the lid a number of times to achieve your desired level of chopping: the result (larger or smal..
Ex Tax:3,142Ft
Properties:Interchangeable headsCan be used: nose, ears, mustache, eyebrows, temple and beardStainless steel bladesCleaning brushAluminum bodyWashable heads for hygienic cleaningBattery operated: 1 x AA..
Ex Tax:4,646Ft
This modern humidifier allows you to hydrate and refresh the air - you can add fragrance oil to the water to make its pleasant aroma float in the air.Material: ABS Touch button: On / Off Capacity: 130 ml Ultrasonic Calm Multi-colored LED series Dual function: improves air quality and smells of..
Ex Tax:5,661Ft
With its 350W power, the table mixer easily solves the preparation of various fruit drinks, smoothies, protein fitness drinks, athlete's formula, milk cocktails, but also alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.It also allows you to grind ice for iced coffee.The bottle is also a mixing vessel...
Ex Tax:11,803Ft
Philips vacuum cleaner with dust bag Philips vacuum cleaner with dust bag
Top Brand
It can collect and trap up to 99.9% of dust and allergens. Features:  - Power: 900 W - 900 W: 900 g - Extra suction power - AirflowMax technology: the uniquely designed dust canister ensures maximum capacity and airflow until the dust bag is full.  - 9 m reach..
Ex Tax:40,866Ft
Professional refreshment on warm summer days and nights: the air conditioner not only exudes fresh air, but also cools and humidifies it.Compact and functional designHandle and 4 wheels, easy to transportTimer (up to 8 hours)Humidifier3 speeds3 modes of use: continuous, natural and night airVertical..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
A set of 6 reusable, hermetically-sealed bags for carrying food or for keeping it in the fridge or freezer (including liquids). Three different sizes are included: 2 large bags, 2 medium and 2 small. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks, dried fruits, biscuits, sweets, sandwiches, rolls, fruit, vegetables, ..
Ex Tax:3,929Ft
Perfect for chopping all kinds of meat, vegetables, nuts, peppers and even breaking ice - 1.8 litre plastic bowl - 4 stainless steel blades - Overheat protection - One-hand operation - Fast chopping: 10-20 seconds - Large lid push button - Easy cleaning - Plas..
Ex Tax:5,819Ft
Fast and safe cooking - with minimal energy consumption.Properties:Large cooking area: 35 x 28 cmTouch-sensitive digital control panel with timerThe LED display shows the selected function, temperature and timeCeramic plate with high heat resistance and even heat distribution..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
It cools its surroundings and protects it from UV rays. Size: 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 m..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
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