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Mineral infra heat lamp

 Mineral infra heat lamp
 Mineral infra heat lamp
 Mineral infra heat lamp
 Mineral infra heat lamp
 Mineral infra heat lamp
 Mineral infra heat lamp
Mineral infra heat lamp

It can be particularly effective in reheating the surface of acupuncture points, which can regulate the human energy system, according to the traditional Chinese cure.

The radiated energy waves can harmonize the energy area, allowing the blockades to let go and the life energy flow through the meridians again intact.

Uses of the TDP lamp:

- Pain relief for the whole body 

- Can be used effectively for wound healing 

- We can handle injuries

- For dermatological complaints

- Independent and complementary treatment for internal diseases

- It can also be used as a complementary therapy in neuroscience

- It can also be used in gynecology

Effects of Resonance of TDP Lamp Rays and Patented 33 Mineral Disk:

- If can intensify blood flow by expanding the microcirculation of capillaries.

- You can relieve muscle cramps by heating muscle fibers.

- Removes toxins from infrared radi ation.

- Helps reduce swelling and inflammation by improving lymphatic flow.

- Reduce pain in peripheral nerves and tissues.

- Can stimulate enzyme activity.

- It can promote the adhesion and penetration of water molecules on the cell membrane.

- It can attract calcium ions to the cell membrane

Remot Infrared (FIR) Properties: 

- You can activate the water molecules in your body

- You can increase your body's oxygen level

- You can heat the body, evacuate fat, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thereby accelerate blood circulation

- If our body does not get enough infrared radiation, we can be sick and depressed

- According to medical research, the remote infrared rays of the TDP lamp and the resonance of the patented 33 mineral disc can give a concentrated radiant energy to the human body that can intensively detoxify our cells

Important informations:

Place of origin: EU

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