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To the best of our knowledge, the polarized lamp can be used indefinitely from the age of zero to the age of aggastyan. However, skin resistance should be considered: minimum skin resistance in infancy (baby’s skin is soft, velvety). This resistance increases only slowly with advancing age. However, half of the age of 50 suddenly increases by leaps and bounds. The consequence of this is that over the age of 50, the treatment time may or may not be doubled to achieve adequate efficacy.

Operating distance:

The recommended treatment distance between the lamp glass and the body surface to be treated should not exceed 5 centimeters. This means that it is possible to operate the lamp closer to the specified distance, but if the distance is increased, the efficiency decreases, i.e. a longer treatment time is required. The polarization, i.e. the parallelism, of the light coming out of the lamp is to be understood only within the given distance, in addition to which the polarization and thus the efficiency are reduced. If the skin surface is intact, it is advisable to place the lamp directly on the skin (eg for the treatment of sinusitis, sprains, arthritis, etc.).

If possible, never treat the body through clothing!

Effects of colors:

 - The color blue is the color of calm and peace. It can lower your heart rate, help normalize overloaded blood vessels, calm your nerves, make you concentrate, have an anti-infective effect, reduce pain, and cool you down.

 - The color red can act as an energy booster. It can be used to increase physical activity and even to stimulate blood circulation. It can activate, invigorate, make it more dynamic and intense. It can also have a good effect on genital function. It can speed up blood flow. It can promote the formation of red blood cells, stimulate blood circulation.

 - The energy of green can create balance and harmony. It can be important for the nervous system and overall good health. It can strengthen nerves, inner calm and relaxation processes. It can also have a moderating effect in cases of inflammation. It can awaken harmony and serenity. It can balance, relieve tension, soothe painful processes, provide deep calm. Avoid in case of autoimmune disease. It can have a general regenerating and refreshing effect.

 - The color yellow can relieve mental fatigue, help digestion, relax muscles, relieve nervousness. In addition to using yellow, we can focus better, increase self-control, and give a sense of security.


 - input voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

 - output voltage: 24 V

Important informations:

Place of origin: EU

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