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Infra massage pants

 Infra massage pants
 Infra massage pants
 Infra massage pants
 Infra massage pants
 Infra massage pants
 Infra massage pants
Infra massage pants

Infrared massage pants can have a soothing, stimulating and strengthening effect on the skin and muscles. It helps to reduce stress, fatigue and muscle pain. The pants are heated and have several stages.

The benefits of infrared heating are well known. It can improve your mood, help with circulatory disorders, muscle aches, incontinence and tiredness. The heat can penetrate the skin, stimulate the blood circulation, which can accelerate the warming process. As a result, the muscles can relax, the pain can be reduced, and the muscles can be dissolved. It is recommended for muscle pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain. It is recommended for all ages.

Not only for muscle pain, but also for incontinence, that is, urinary difficulty, which is a more common problem than we think. It can vary in size and can be treated in many cases, and it can also alleviate the inconveniences associated with it. It can occur at any stage of life, but is more common with age and can occur more often in women.

Use it every day!


 - Size: 40 cm x 35 cm

 - Adjustable waistline

 - Cable length: 40 cm +120 cm

 - Voltage: 250 V - 2.5 A

 - With remote control

 - Heated

 - Gold medal

 - For the treatment of incontinence disorders

 - Massage function

 - 9 functions

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