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The electric broom is one of the most agile, most practical and effective cleaning tools nowadays. Thanks to its special design, the electric broom can be even more efficient, even without bending the furniture.360 degree swivel head: remove dirt from the most difficult places to access. Unlike othe..
Ex Tax:6,220Ft
Convenient and practical LCD digital tablet that is perfect for children and adults to make drawings, learn, write, write notes and messages, etc.Features:- Made of ABS- LCD screen- smart pen- Ultra-thin, so it's easy to carry in a backpack and bag.- Auto clear button- 8.5 inch screen- Works with ba..
Ex Tax:1,961Ft
SOGO is perfect for keeping the average household clean. Thanks to the 2 in 1 version, we can work separately with the handle vacuum cleaner and the hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is great e.g. also for cleaning furniture!Properties:Cyclonic system (without bag)Vertical and hand vacuum cle..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
The Tesla Vakuum Cleaner can deliver extremely high cleaning performance. Thanks to its 3 l tank, you can collect a lot of dirt and dust, you can easily empty your tank. One of the quietest devices on the market, thanks to Cylon-Max technology. Can be used on carpet, tiles, parquet, l..
Ex Tax:48,740Ft
Black wet and dry turbo vacuum cleaner Black wet and dry turbo vacuum cleaner
New Top Brand
Would you like to enjoy a high performance and high capacity vacuum cleaner? Then they found out this machine for you! Features: - 15 l tank (without dust bag) - can be used on all surfaces - range: 7 m - suction power: 15-20 kpa - effective double filtration: HEPA..
Ex Tax:23,543Ft
Environmentally friendly and the main enemy of dust.The Arnica Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner is ideal allergy sufferers, households with children, and families living with their pets.The product has been teste and certified by the European allergy Research CenterArnica Bora 5000 can bind all dust, d..
Ex Tax:58,976Ft
Conga robotic vacuum cleaner Conga robotic vacuum cleaner
Kifutó termék
An intelligent home cleaning machine suitable for all types of floors.Features:  - 4-in-1 professional robot vacuum cleaner - innovating smart navigation system iTech Easy - easy and comfortable cleaning - auto mode which cleans your whole house - high su..
Ex Tax:47,165Ft
Dust bag and cordless 3 in 1 cyclone vacuum cleaner: stationary vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner and broom vacuum cleaner. Recommended for those who are often use vacuum cleaner on various surfaces.Type: 4 in 11200 WNoise level: 75 dBCapacity: 0.8 LAnimalCare: hair, hair removal modeRecharge..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
Dream of mothers with small children!Dormicur Dryer=Dry clothes quickly, comfortable and regardless of the weather. We recommend using Dormicur Dryer: - for families with small childrens  - if you need clothing quickly  - to make ironing easier  -&nb..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
An effective and deadly trap for flies, mosquitos and other insects. Thanks to its UVA light it attracts insects, which get struck down as they come into contact with the electric mesh inside. A handy and simple method that runs on electricity and doesn't use harmful chemicals, nor emit..
Ex Tax:4,717Ft
A perfect accessory vacuum cleaner with this hair removal brush. Pet hair can be quickly picked up from sofa, blanket, car upholstery, etc.Silicone teeth can remove hair from all surfaces to simplify vacuuming.Features:  - includes 2 universal adaptadors - not compatible Dyson vacuum ..
Ex Tax:1,961Ft
Sogo hand steamer-faster and more convenient ironing! You can remove wrinkles from almost any material or garment!Properties: Removable water tank / steam brush 360º rotationContinuous steam emission (g / min) 15-25Steam reinforcement (g / h): 0.35-1.00Vapor aerosol (g / h): 0.30-1.00LED la..
Ex Tax:17,244Ft
100 pieces of latex powder gloves...
Ex Tax:3,937Ft
Enjoy the different colors in the shower! This should be connected to the shower tube. When the water is flowing, it will automatically start the light. The bathing will be water-saving, because the water flows through tiny holes. Features: - size: 12x23x3 cm - mat..
Ex Tax:7,472Ft
This modern humidifier allows you to hydrate and refresh the air - you can add fragrance oil to the water to make its pleasant aroma float in the air.Material: ABS Touch button: On / Off Capacity: 130 ml Ultrasonic Calm Multi-colored LED series Dual function: improves air quality and smells of..
Ex Tax:5,433Ft
With this steam cleaner can you and your family enjoy a spotless, clean home. The steam can destroy 99% of bacteria and provides the highest hygiene and living space. Why is a steam cleaner better?    -oily and fatty contamination is eaisier to clean up (zoolite, vegetable, mineral or..
Ex Tax:23,543Ft
Use non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser in offices, institutions, restaurants, surgeries.Non-contact sensory disinfectant liquid / gel dispenser. It can be locked with a key, it is easy to charge and does not require any expertise.It works with a battery that is easy to replace.The amount of liquid..
Ex Tax:40,079Ft
Use non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser in offices, institutions, restaurants, surgeries.Non-contact sensory disinfectant liquid / gel dispenser. It can be locked with a key, it is easy to charge and does not require any expertise.It works with a battery that is easy to replace.The amount of liquid..
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
A non-contact digital thermometer can be a great help in any institution (companies, restaurants) where fast and reliable temperature measurement is needed.Large screen LCD backlight.One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation...
Ex Tax:11,732Ft
With its 350W power, the table mixer easily solves the preparation of various fruit drinks, smoothies, protein fitness drinks, athlete's formula, milk cocktails, but also alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.It also allows you to grind ice for iced coffee.The bottle is also a mixing vessel...
Ex Tax:11,803Ft
The Enrico 3in1 ergonomic file is very easy to use. It also contains several interchangeable blades that can be used to cut thin slices.The removable socket makes it easy to separate the grilled foods.Features:- stainless steel- interchangeable cutter, file inserts- dishwasher safe- suitable for: cu..
Ex Tax:2,354Ft
Compact solution for easy crease removalA steamer with a SmartFlow heating pad that can be used safely for all textiles, it safely removes creases and refreshes all garments. The compact clothes steamer heats up in seconds and provides better results in both vertical and horizontal positions...
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
Easy to store anywhere. Max. 8-12 pairs of shoes placement(depends on the number of shoes).Attributes:  - 4 shelf - material: iron and plastic - size: 50x19x57 cm - shipping: unassembledImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and r..
Ex Tax:2,118Ft
Easy to store anywhere. Max. 20 pairs of shoes placement(depends on the number of shoes).It is easy to disassemble and, when assembled, can be taken for any holiday.Attributes:  - 7 shelf - material: iron and metal - size: 50x16x95 cm - shipping: unassembled, in a boxAs..
3,150Ft 3,890Ft
Ex Tax:2,480Ft
Features:-multifunction steam vacuum cleaner perfectly cleand and degreases any surface at to 100° C.-the steam can clean household almost effortlessly and without the use of chemicals-it works effi ciently, ecologicall and gently-part of the product is a professional iron for comfortable ironi..
Ex Tax:51,102Ft
With accessories, this is a multifunctional steam cleaner that no household can miss.Properties:- suitable for cleaning floors (eg in bathrooms, kitchens and washbasins).- Extremely easy to move, also suitable for cleaning corners-16 accessories- the accessories are integrated in the device- rapid w..
Ex Tax:20,394Ft
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