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High quality Arnica hand mixer with 1200 W capacity. Usable:  - creams, sauces preparation - the fruits, vegetables, and meat processing Attributes: - capacity: 1200 W - stainless steel blades - turbo function - 1,3 l mix - 600 ml measuring cup ..
Ex Tax:17,244Ft
The perfect kitchen utensil.The Arnica multi shredder with different dishes can create. With its 500 W capacity, you can crush any spices vegetables, fruits. Usable: -parsley, onion, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cheese, boiled eggs, garlic, biscuits, spices, meat shop.Features:  - ..
Ex Tax:6,220Ft
White ceramic dishes, which the black handle are doing even more exclusive look.Parts of the set:  - 1 x 16 cm sauce pan with glass lid - 1 x 20 cm dish with glass lid - 1 x 24 cm dish with glass lid - 1 x 28 cm dish with glass lid -&n..
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
Healthy cooking: uses up to - 80% less fat than a traditional fryer while preserving the taste of the food!Adjustable temperature control: 80 ° to 200 ° C.It allows you to set the best cooking temperature for food in advance, as it has 6 cooking functions.Built-in timer for preset cooking ti..
Ex Tax:29,055Ft
Healthy, varied meals with the help of the electric oven!No oil is needed, meals can be prepared in 3 bowls at a time•Temperature control 65-200ºC• Overheat protection• Timer for 60 minutes• 10 L capacity• Fan speed control• Glass window• Interior lighting• Touch screen with ..
Ex Tax:44,016Ft
Old wood-looking fireplace clock.The device is powered by 1 pc  AA battery (battery not included).Dimensions: 12.5 x 24.5 x 4.5 cmImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement warranty from the date of purchase for this product. If you are d..
Ex Tax:701Ft
Pancakes can be a favorite of children and adults alike. In addition, this oven can be used to make not only pancakes, but also waffles, tortillas or grilled dishes.Features: - power: 2000 W - diameter: 50 cm - easy to use - adjustable thermostat - non - stick coating -..
Ex Tax:9,835Ft
Universal knives with purple handles.Features: - toothed teeth - can be used for almost anything - the blade is 9 cm long - made of stainless steel blade - even dishwasher safe - there are 6 knives in the packageImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one..
Ex Tax:591Ft
It's a practical and versatile blender that lets you quickly and efficiently produce the finest sauces, smoothies, purees, healthy and natural juices, etc. It is very easy to use, because you just have to press the top.Properties: - Made of ABS, PP and stainless steel - modern and function..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
The Princess crushed ice making machine is modern in appearance and silver, so it looks great in any kitchen. Ideal for making drinks or cocktails, but also suitable for keeping fish, fruits or desserts cold.Ideal for ice hockey, cocktails, etc., or even foods that need crushed ice.Features: - ..
13,900Ft 17,900Ft
Ex Tax:10,945Ft
Vitamin-rich breakfast drink, the best start to a new day!-because of the unique press system and very dense filter, a maximum of vitamins, flavor, juice and nutritional values is maintained-maximum amount of juice with minimum amount of fruit or vegetables -ideal for making fresh fruit and veg..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
Fast and safe cooking - with minimal energy consumption.Properties:Large cooking area: 35 x 28 cmTouch-sensitive digital control panel with timerThe LED display shows the selected function, temperature and timeCeramic plate with high heat resistance and even heat distribution..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
Standgrill that can be perfect for the summer months.Features: - size of the baking section: 46 cm - height without cover: 54 cm - black enamel coating - stainless steel legs - galvanized carbon grid - charcoal tray made of galvanized sheet - two sides grip valley&..
Ex Tax:5,504Ft
The Top Chef mixer has an elegant look and great features. Accessiores and possibilities:    - made of high quality materials     - more than 20 appurtenance    - fits all modern kitchen     - compact size    - easy to maintainThe mixe..
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
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