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Légtisztítók, Párásítók

It can clean up the exhausted air, eliminate unpleasant odors.How? The electric current generates a negative ion and converts an oxygen molecule into ozone.Properties: - 40 W - 230 V / 50 Hz - in rooms of 15-25 m2 - height: 40 cm - weight: 600 gFeatures: - lamp&nbs..
Ex Tax:7,008Ft
Air purifier fresh clean air acan provide home, office, or place of employment. In our living room, in our bedroom, there can be many particles in the air, e,g. dust, pollen. Deposition of these particles on furniture and objects can seriously interfere with allergies. Air Cleaner LR 130 c..
Ex Tax:31,488Ft
Keep the air clean of allergens, bacteria, mold spores, pet hair, and air pollution.Properties:• Removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles•3 modes: high / medium / low• Dehumidification functions• Water tank capacity: 1000 ml• Working capacity: 750 ml / day• Automatic shut-o..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
Air Purifier or Humidifier?Comedes Lavaero will do all of them.The device can release water into the air and thus improve indoor air quality.The built-in unit has  fiberglass filter.The fiberglass filter can not only remove air from the air but also pollen, animal hair and dust.Comedes humidifi..
Ex Tax:29,055Ft
Enjoy the pleasant cool environment. The fan can refresh the air with the micro particles. You can choose from 3 operating speeds: low -night mode, medium-saving mode, high-turbo mode. Integrated security sistem:-5 large diameter (40 cm) blades (can allow the greater air flow)-safety grill..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
Mobil climate with digital display and remote control. When using, just fill the tank with water and choose from a variety of airflows. The cooler the water is, the cooler the air is blowing.Features:  - power: 65 W - 3 different airflow choises - 1-12 hour timer - 6 l ..
Ex Tax:25,976Ft
Ready for summer?The elegant fan with can be rotated head is looks good is every room. Features:  - diameter: 40 cm - three different speed - 90 degree fan rotation - energy save - qiut operation - perfect in any room, office, home - adjustable height: 11..
Ex Tax:5,898Ft
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