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Kidney warmers

In cold weather or cycling it is essential to protect your waist properly. The Dormicur Kidney heater can eliminate all this. Protect:  - kidney - hypogastric - bottom upper part of - chill - gynaecological problems - nephritisThe rubberize and adjustable strap all..
Ex Tax:4,323Ft
The Silver magnetic waist warmer can provide even, dry warmth to the protected part of the body. You can protect your waist and kidneys from catching a cold. You can relieve low back pain.It can also be used for relieving pain, colds, menstrual cramps and kidney problems.You can regulate your heat b..
Ex Tax:1,961Ft
The waist warmer made of merino lamb wool can provide a uniform, dry heat on the protected body part. Protect your waist, kidneys from colds. It can suppress lower back pain.It can also be used to relieve pain and to heal, in case of back pain, rash, menstrual cramps and kidney problems.Control your..
Ex Tax:1,567Ft
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