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HZP Plus

HZP Plus
HZP Plus

How can the HPZ frequency help?

All the tiny biological functions of our bodies work through electromagnetic processes, which are in the same frequency range as the Earth's natural vibration. This fine relationship is essential for a healthy life, which is constantly distorted by the harmful frequency range of the electrosmog. With city buildings, concrete, asphalt, we have further eroded the flow of beneficial energy to the Earth.

Frequency mechanism:

Due to blockage or injury of the capillaries, they are unable to provide sufficient energy or nutrients.

Because of this, diseases appear. The disease will appear at the point where the micro-circulation and hence the metabolism are no longer adequate. Therefore, it is crucial for our vitality and health to be well-permeable to our capillary network. Our main arteries can be improved by medication and surgery, but we cannot help the capillary circulation in this way.

The purpose of using the right electromagnetic frequencies is to reopen our capillaries and significantly improve our energy processes. The nutrients, drug substances and vital oxygen we need for our bodies are re-introduced to our organs and limbs, and toxins can be removed from our bodies more easily.

The device consists of a control unit and a full body applicator which can be connected to it. Not only can the device handle parts of the body, but the entire body can be used for perfect effect.


 - Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

 - Power: 2000 mAh


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Important informations:

Place of origin: EU
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