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110 Herb Oil

110 Herb Oil
110 Herb Oil

110 Herb Oil is a completely natural product, made by traditional recipe based on roots, fruits, flowers of 110 plant species.

Has a wide range of application and it is known for its healing action. As a therapeutic oil can be used to reduce pain for headaches, muscle being paid an arm and a leg, pain in the hands and feet. Rubbed into the skin, massage and dosed in drops, so its effective actions can help in various situations and ease discomfort.

110 Herb Oil is recommended for skin care and massage all over the body, before or after heavy physical activity, after a long and stressful day. For a very nice and refreshing scent pleasant, can be added to the bath before the bath.

We recommend athletes before and after strenuous training and exercise, as a massage oil, chronic power symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, and after showering refreshes, soothes and prevents unpleasant sweat smells. 110 Herb Oil can be used for rinsing the mouth, against bad breath and as a disinfectant mouth. 

Important informations:

Place of origin: EU

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